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Water security and tailings dam engineers

Safety in design for mining operations

An integrated engineering house, our mining consulting solutions have optimised some of the world’s largest tailings impoundments and backed the success of the design, approval and operation of significant assets.Our expertise solves some of the most important challenges in water security and tailings dam design over the life of a mine. Together, our mining engineering and geotechnical consultants bring scientific and immersive modelling techniques to keep operations running efficiently, while setting the benchmark for safety and governance.

Trusted by world-class mining operations, we leverage efficiencies in sustainable mine development through the integration of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated engineering systems.Ultimately, we stand together with operators and regulators to bring shared understanding and better outcomes that have an enduring impact on our connection with earth.

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Water security management

Why rec?

Driven by the challenges of our clients, our evolution has seen us define a comprehensive suite of engineering services that span the entire mining lifecycle – from resource definition and pre-feasibility level, through to detailed design, construction, operation and closure. Our mining consultants are trusted to provide comprehensive solutions in water balancing and tailings dam design.

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Our holistic geotechnical, hydrogeological and hydrological solutions enable sustainable mine development. We provide an efficient pathway through the full mining lifecycle – from feasibility to regulation approvals, design, construction, waste management, closure and rehabilitation.

We leverage efficiencies to minimise waste and create efficiencies in water use, design and processing.  We understand that water balance is key to mine site efficiency. Our expertise allows us to provide comprehensive solutions for mining operations that consider all aspects of water use, including sourcing, treatment and disposal.

Our scientific and immersive modelling techniques future-proof TSF management and compliance. With the flexibility means to assist at any stage of a mine’s lifecycle, our solutions meet regulatory standards for tailings management, providing peace of mind and a safer operating environment.

Our IP and technology are unrivalled in their ability to capture and manage data, enabling us to expedite the design process. Our technology in design is raising the standard for our industry, creating a holistic approach to TSF design and water management to ensure long-term stability, safety and efficiency.

Tailored solutions, trusted partnerships

Partnering with our clients to reduce the environmental impact of their operations, we work within each mine site’s unique set of challenges and requirements. Our multi-skilled mining engineering consultants consider civil, geotechnical, hydrogeological and hydrological data in design to simplify feasibility studies and rapid decision making. With the dynamic nature of the mining industry, we keep your pace and meet evolving needs – ensuring transparent and direct communication to deliver results that align with project goals.
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REC Geotechnical engineering

Regulatory approvals for mine tailings dam design and water optimisation

Our streamlined approach to design ensures compliance with regulatory and safety standards while maximising economic benefits

With a commitment to quality, safety and technical excellence, we balance economic profitability with environmental integrity, ensuring that mining practices not only adhere to stringent standards but also contribute positively to a sustainable future.