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High precision aerial surveying and mapping

Cutting-edge technology for reliable results

Our engineering surveying solutions are engaged by mining companies globally for accurate and comprehensive data collection, management and analysis. Our aerial survey and mapping services to support the tailings storage facility (TSF) design and optimisation process, providing high-quality aerial photography, 3D mapping and modelling, and topographic surveys. We use state-of-the-art equipment to capture and process data, which is instrumental in identifying suitable locations for TSF construction, optimising design and assessing the stability and capacity of existing facilities to ensure long-term safety and efficiency.

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Drone Surveys

We utilise advanced drone technology to provide our clients with accurate, efficient and cost-effective surveying solutions. Our drone surveys collect high-resolution aerial photography, 3D terrain data and topographic models, providing our engineers with a comprehensive understanding of the geology and site conditions.

Global Positioning System (GPS) Surveys

We utilise the latest GPS survey technology to provide our clients with precise and reliable survey data for construction, engineering and environmental projects. Our services include high-accuracy surveying, survey control network establishment, real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS surveys, and ground truthing and mapping.

Data Management

Our engineers leverage the power of GDMS, our proprietary software, to execute projects with precision. GDMS streamlines the geoscience data loop, seamlessly automating data collection, management, interpretation and reporting, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution compared to traditional telemetry systems or data management platforms.

Data Management

Aerial survey and mapping technology has a wide range of applications in the mining industry, from initial project planning to ongoing operations and maintenance. At REC, we offer a range of services that can help you leverage this technology to meet your objectives.

  • Mine Planning and Design – receive valuable insights into site selection, topography and geological features during the planning and design phase to create accurate 3D landscape models, as well as detailed information on the location of resources such as minerals and water.
  • Mine Safety and Risk Management – by providing accurate and up-to-date monitoring of site conditions, such as terrain, water bodies and infrastructure, we can help you identify potential hazards and develop effective mitigation strategies before they become major problems.
  • Mine Reclamation and Closure Planning – mapping the site before and after mining operations can help track changes in the landscape and identify areas requiring remediation, helping to develop effective reclamation plans that meet regulatory requirements and minimise environmental impact.