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Advancing mining operations with sustainable solutions

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At rec, our commitment to quality, safety and technical excellence drives everything we do. With advanced technology and superior engineering expertise, we address crucial issues in water security and tailings dam design to create custom solutions for sustainable mining operations. Our unique approach allows us to expedite mine modelling, analysis and optioneering using our in-house expertise and cutting-edge technology – considering environmental, safety, social and regulatory factors that impact mining operations.

We offer practical and economic insights that prioritise quality, efficiency and safety for your mining project. From concept to feasibility and design stages, we continuously identify optimisation opportunities, adding value at every step.

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REC Geotechnical engineering

Tailings Design and Management

Effective tailings dam design and management is critical to ensuring the long-term sustainability of mining operations. We offer comprehensive solutions that cover every stage of a mine’s lifecycle – from design to commissioning, operation and closure.

Water Security

We provide site-wide water management solutions to help mining operations solve their water security challenges, minimising waste and creating efficiencies in water use, design and processing.

Aerial Survey and Mapping

Our aerial survey and mapping services to support the tailings storage facility (TSF) design and optimisation process, providing high-quality aerial photography, 3D mapping and modelling, and topographic surveys.

Engineering Consulting

With experience in the design and construction of mining and civil infrastructure projects across the globe, we excel in assessing and managing geotechnical risks, optimising design, and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of mining projects.