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Welcome to Resource Engineering Consultants (REC)

Efficiency through simplicity

REC is a Perth-based consultancy unearthing efficiency in the mining, resources and
infrastructure sectors.

Through the adoption of pioneering technology, software and a willingness to challenge the
status-quo, we continually discover opportunities for optimisation, driving forward an industry
that we are proud to be a part of.

Simplicity, efficiency and affordability are hallmarks of our design work. We are ‘first
principles’ based and seek out the efficiencies that only bespoke attention to detail can

“We design for the future, giving you long term savings and autonomy.”

We provide an efficient pathway through the full mining lifecycle, from feasibility to regulation
approvals, design, construction, waste management, closure and rehabilitation.


TSF Design and Construction

Our involvement with the project extends back over mid-2017, at which point we were asked to provide guidance with regards to the construction of a tailings storage facility (TSF) designed and partly constructed by others.

“We intend to transition away from the traditional TSF to a co-deposition dry stacking system and IWL, in turn saving upwards of $2M per year on construction alone.”