Construction and Project Management

Construction and Project Management

Project management

As a forward-thinking team with a strong attention to detail, we look beyond outdated methodologies to deliver timeliness and efficiency in project management.

Responsive and accountable, we become a natural extension of your team. By listening carefully, we are able to develop a clear picture of what you are looking to achieve, what your budget is, and what forces are at play which could affect project delivery.

Our skilled team has extensive project management experience. From devising the project scope to full costings and scheduling, we have the technology and dexterity to leverage greater efficiency through every stage of the project lifecycle. We communicate in an honest and straight-forward manner which creates a site culture built upon respect and accountability. This is vital to managing multiple teams in a professional and efficient manner.

Contract tendering and technical specifications

We procure plant equipment, engineering services, financing and contracts (such as construction) with directness and professionalism. We are adept at handling the comprehensive tendering process, particularly when it comes to accurately defining technical aspects.

When developing construction procurement contracts, we work to ensure that they are compliant with all relevant standards and regulations.

We can adhere to a wide range of contracting models including design / bid / build; engineering, procurement and construction; alliance and owner, procurement and construction.

Construction Supervision (plus QA / QC)

With a view to optimising efficiency, our experienced team members can supervise construction to assure adherence with design and specifications. This scope of work may include:

  • Quality control of all earthworks
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Testing for soil liner permeability
  • Inspecting foundations
  • Criteria for materials acceptance
  • Lab testing
  • Geomembrane liner, concrete and bituminous pavement testing.

We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ for construction supervision. While some clients may desire a permanent presence on site, others may prefer an ad-hoc arrangement, where our analytical and supervision skills are called upon as and when needed.

At REC, we examine all relevant factors. This means not only focussing on the construction work at hand, but also analysing the greater environment to look for changes which may affect the program schedule. We will proactively problem solve to keep any time delays to an absolute minimum.

Soils and Materials testing

Our field and laboratory testing capabilities include soils, geosynthetics, concrete, ore and mine tailings and aggregate. Depending upon your requirements, our technicians can provide a standard testing service or undertake specialised testing.