TSF Scoping Study Review

TSF Scoping Study Review

Prospective junior gold mining company

The Project comprises the proposed development of a Western Australian deposit.

Our involvement with the project began as a review of a TSF scoping study (by others). Our initial review and proposed changes, undertaken free of charge as a demonstration of cost savings based on simple design principals, were well received by the client. Our proposed amendments to the location and shape of the TSF reduced the operational requirements for deposition and control of supernatant water, increased the water recovery and in-situ dry density, reduced the post-closure costs and saved more than $2.5M in construction costs by reducing the construction material quantities whilst increasing the storage capacity of the TSF.

“REC were then invited to design the TSF and to further optimise the proposed open pits and waste dumps.”

This optimisation provided an opportunity for REC to make a number of changes across the site, which is located within the very close confinement of a nature reserve, to reduce capital and operational costs as well as the operational and post closure risks.

Following this, we were subsequently invited to complete the site wide civil geotechnical design to a Feasibility Level design. This work was prepared for delivery at the end of November 2018. Subsequently we have further refined the design to reduces costs at no cost and have worked alongside contractors to estimate capital expenditure as part of the Feasibility Study.

Our work, although issued as a Feasibility level design, is being prepared to an IFT design level, with only minimal work required to prepare and present the detailed design to the regulators for approval and subsequent construction. Our aim is to develop and construct the site to a level that requires minimal technical input from REC other than to collect and manage the telemetry data (remotely from Perth) and conduct an annual Audit of the IWL.