Key Projects

Salt Lake Potash Limited

REC were engaged by Salt Lake Potash Limited (SLP) to oversee the design and construction of a number of small scale evaporation ponds utilised for the extraction of Sulphate of Potash (SoP) at their Lake Wells project. REC’s involvement ranged from investigative works, through to design, construction and monitoring of the evaporation ponds, with the overall aim of informing best practices for their large-scale pilot plant evaporation ponds.

Various pond configurations were constructed utilising different construction methodologies. REC provided long term monitoring of the evaporation ponds to quantify seepage rates through the pond embankments and assess the best performing designs. REC undertook finite element seepage analysis to quantify seepage losses over a Demo Scale pond constructed utilising the best performing trial pond configuration.

REC later undertook site investigation works at SLP’s Lake Way Project utilising Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) and Piezocone (CPTu) testing to identify foundation and borrow material characteristics. Utilising the best performing construction methodologies identified during the Lake Wells works, a finite element seepage analysis was undertaken to quantify seepage losses for large scale evaporation ponds at Lake Wells.