Key Projects

ACH Minerals Pty Ltd

REC completed a feasibility study level design of the Kundip Mine Site at ACH Minerals Pty Ltd (ACH) Ravensthorpe Gold Project to support the overall technical and commercial viability of the project. The feasibility study involved site wide geotechnical investigations, which informed the development of a site wide layout and the design of site wide infrastructure, including roads, earthworks platforms and drainage systems. REC was also engaged to undertake open-pit stability and closure assessments.

REC undertook the feasibility level design of the Kundip Mine Sites Tailings Storage Facility (TSF). The natural topography of the site provided challenges as the general arrangement of the TSF was located downstream of a large catchment. REC optimised the TSF location and configuration to limit the upstream catchment to less than one third of the original design, improving concerns regarding water storage on the TSF.

Changes to LoM mining operations meant that REC had to consider an alternative Integrated Waste Landform (IWL) option for tailings disposal. REC completed the design of an IWL catering for the needs of both tailings and waste rock disposal across the LoM.

Following completion of the design of site infrastructure and waste disposal facilities, a detailed site wide water balance was completed for the Kundip Mine Site by REC.