Key Projects

Millennium Minerals Limited

REC’s involvement with Millennium Minerals Limited (MML) began in 2017, where construction support and supervision were provided for their Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) at their Nullagine Gold Project. REC has since provided geotechnical investigations to inform multiple upstream raises, of which REC designed and subsequently managed the construction process. 

Significant design changes developed and implemented by REC included the conversion of MML’s two cell facility which utilised two decants, into a single cell facility with a central rock ring. The design changes were made with the aim of reducing the rate of rise across the facility and improving tailings consolidation and water return. 

MML also engaged REC’s services to undertake annual audits for both of their TSF’s and develop an operations manual for their commissioned facility. During this time opportunities for improvement to the operation and management of their facility were provided.

Additional services provided by REC while on-site included daily aerial drone surveys to assist with construction monitoring and inform tailings deposition. During this time REC provided guidance on tailings deposition management, based on aerial survey data and deposition modelling, with the overall aim of improving beach development, water return and tailings consolidation.