Key Projects

Atlantic Vanadium Pty Ltd

REC completed a scoping study for the Life of Mine (LoM) facilities at Atlantic Vanadium Pty Ltd (AVPL) Windimurra Vanadium Project. The scoping study involved investigating a range of waste disposal avenues and optimising waste disposal across the site.

For the disposal of tailings, avenues including in-pit, Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) disposal and Integrated Waste Landform (IWL) disposal were investigated. The scoping study concluded that extending the footprint of AVPL’s existing TSF into nearby naturally elevated topography, combined with in-pit deposition was the optimal solution for their tailing’s disposal requirements.

Through this combination of waste disposal streams, REC reduced the number of raises required to provide storage over the LOM, subsequently providing considerable cost savings on earthworks volumes. Additionally, through providing a wider footprint for tailings storage the Rate of Rise (RoR) of the facility was reduced allowing increased consolidation and drying times, contributing to higher tailings in-situ densities and improved Factors of Safety (FoS) against embankment slope failure.

As part of the scoping study, REC also accommodated the LoM requirements for AVPL’s Calcine Tailings Storage Facility (CTSF) and optimised the location and sizing of their Barren Liquor Ponds.